Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement

To be completed by each member of the Scholarship Selection Committee prior to receiving or reviewing scholarship applications.

A conflict of interest can occur when an action of a staff member reviewing and/or recommending a scholarship award results in a direct financial benefit to a person closely affiliated to the staff member. A conflict of interest may also occur if a staff member exerts influence to select a recipient without considering objective criteria for the scholarship.

Staff members must be able to make independent decisions on behalf of the Division of Finance and Operations without potential or perceived influence caused by conflict of interest. They must evaluate the eligibility of all applicants without bias and make selection recommendations based on the established objective criteria for the scholarship.

Staff/selection committee members should avoid any situation where personal and business relationships could have, or give the appearance of having, influence on the member’s judgment in matters under consideration.

In case of a potential conflict of interest, the member shall declare the conflict to the Scholarship Administration Committee representative and not review the application and/or leave the meeting until deliberations on the applicant are complete. The member shall not influence the discussion or decision making process where there is a potential conflict of interest.

As a member of the selection committee, I confirm that:

  1. I have received, read, and understand the eligibility requirements and award guidelines of the Division of Finance and Operations Scholarship.
  2. I will maintain confidentiality of the selection committee discussions.
  3. My review of applications will be based on objective criteria reasonably related to the purpose of the scholarship.
  4. I affirm that I will not recommend that any scholarship be awarded to a student who is a family member.

I understand the Conflict of Interest policy set forth above and agree to adhere to this policy.