Resource Guide

Standard Operating Procedures

Scholarship Administration Committee

A standing committee comprising at least three members will administer the Division of Finance and Operations scholarship.

Current representation on committee is made up of members from the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations:

  • Jane Schneider, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations
  • Karen Bigley, Communications Manager
  • Ashley Skow, Administrative Assistant

University Scholarship Committee Member

The Division of Finance and Operations will be represented on the University Scholarship Committee by the Assistant Director, Scholarships & Financial Aid. The Assistant Director will disseminate pertinent information to the Scholarship Administration Committee via email.

Scholarship Selection Committee

A committee will be selected from the division at-large to assist with the evaluation and selection of scholarship winners. Employees whose dependents are candidates for the scholarship may not serve on the committee. It is the responsibility of the committee to review and score applications based on the criteria set forth in the scholarship guidelines. Committee members will be required to sign a Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement prior to receiving and reviewing scholarship applications.

Each member of the Scholarship Selection Committee will receive a full Resource Guide detailing the General Information; Standard Operating Procedures; Criteria for Selection; Selection Committee Matrix; Commitment to Equity; and Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement.

Procedures for Administering Division of Finance and Administration Scholarship

The purpose of the Division of Finance and Operations Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to dependents of division employees who are working on their undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University.

The basic timeframe and steps for administering the scholarship are outlined below.

January – February

Update scholarship materials as needed. Review previous year's scholarship guidelines, application, and procedures to see if any updates need to be made. Submit updates to Judi Haas, Scholarships & Financial Aid, for review and approval by University Scholarship Committee.


Advertise scholarship opportunity. Send announcement and guidelines to Division of Finance & Administration staff via email. Post information to division webpage.


Formulate Scholarship Selection Committee. Contact division directors requesting appointment of staff person to represent the department on Scholarship Selection Committee.


Rank Applications and Determine Awards. Scholarship Selection Committee to score applications according to pre-determined selection criteria and provide ranking to Vice President. Based on amount of funds available, Vice President to determine how many scholarships to award for the upcoming academic year.

May - June

Notify award recipients and Scholarships & Financial Aid. Notification of award results sent to applicants. Notify Scholarships & Financial Aid of award recipients no later than July 1.

May – June

Wrap-up. Scholarship Administration Committee to plan recognition of award winners as directed by Vice President, and to ensure appropriate documents are kept in accordance with records retention schedule.

July 1

Award Deadline. Awards due to the Scholarship and Financial Aid office. Begin the official award period.


Confirm scholarship requirements are maintained. Verify with Judi Haas in Scholarship & Financial Ad that scholarship recipients maintained academic requirements in the Fall semester in order to process payment for the Spring semester.

Appeal Process

Requests for exception to the eligibility requirements may be made in writing to the Scholarship Administration Committee. All appeals will be reviewed and considered by the Vice President for Finance and Operations. The Executive Vice President will issue a ruling as to the disposition of the appeal. All rulings by the Executive Vice President are final.